Full courtroom for first ethical review trial

Ethics The first trial in which a researcher was prosecuted for violating the Ethical Review Act is over. The District Court's verdict will be announced on 30 June. The researcher tells Universitetsläraren that the prosecution is based on a misunderstanding and that an ethical review application was not required because it was not a research study.

She researches the chemicals found in our bodies

Research What effects does drinking PFAS-contaminated water have on people? And do people with tattoos have a higher risk of cancer? Christel Nielsen investigates how the chemicals in our environment affect our health. She got the dragon on her arm around the turn of the millennium.

Academic freedom in retreat in 22 countries

Academic freedom The 2023 Academic Freedom Index, AFI, gives an overview of academic freedom in 179 countries around the world. In around a tenth of these countries, academic freedom is regarded as stable, and Sweden is in that decile. The difference between the countries within this top decile is within the margin of error. All have an […]

Researcher wants to see changes to the Ethical Review Act

Ethics The way the Ethical Review Act is designed leads to great waste of researchers' time and resources. There is also a danger that potentially important research is not conducted, says doctoral candidate August Danielson.

Investing energy in her role as expert

Profiles As a newly elected member of IVA, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, and with awards such as "2021 Power Woman of the Year", Professor Lina Bertling Tjernberg is a recognised expert in her field. She sees herself as an independent voice in the political debate surrounding the energy crisis.

Internships give researchers new contacts outside academia

Doctoral students A month's work in the industry gave doctoral candidate Shengxin Liu new perspectives on her knowledge and competence. The internship programme at Karolinska Institutet, KI, is much appreciated by both researchers and the participating employers.

“You sit at home to get some peace and quiet”

Work environment The staff at Mälardalen University have now been working in activity-based office space in Eskilstuna for a couple of years. The union was critical of the solution right from the start, and still is. “But there is a certain amount of resignation that this is now how things are,” says local SULF chair Michaël Le Duc.