She researches the chemicals found in our bodies

Research What effects does drinking PFAS-contaminated water have on people? And do people with tattoos have a higher risk of cancer? Christel Nielsen investigates how the chemicals in our environment affect our health. She got the dragon on her arm around the turn of the millennium.

Investing energy in her role as expert

Profiles As a newly elected member of IVA, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, and with awards such as "2021 Power Woman of the Year", Professor Lina Bertling Tjernberg is a recognised expert in her field. She sees herself as an independent voice in the political debate surrounding the energy crisis.

Research that scales the heights and plumbs the depths

Profiles Erika Schagatay's research has taken her to the depths of the ocean and to the heights of Mount Everest to research the extent of human physical boundaries and what kind of animal we really are. Along the way, she has discovered the importance of having a large spleen and of drinking beetroot juice.

From civil war to life as a doctoral candidate

Profiles Mohamed Al-Sabri left his everyday life of civil war for a research scholarship in Sweden. Four years later, he is a doctoral candidate at Uppsala University and feels secure, even though the journey towards his dream of a new life is far from over.

He helps the police solve murders

Profiles Andreas Tillmar is the genetics researcher who played a large part in clearing up a double murder in Linköping in 2004 after 16 years. He developed the method and solved the genetic puzzle that identified the killer.

Signed petition for peace – got fired

Profiles Turkish university lecturer and researcher Onur Can Taştan signed a peace petition against fighting in south-eastern Turkey. Then he lost his job. With the help of SULF, he has come to Uppsala University and is studying trade unions in Sweden and Turkey.

She portrays Vietnamese
history through art

Profiles Inspired by family photos that survived war and refugeeism, the artist and doctoral candidate Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyễn explores Vietnam's freedom movements through the country's own photographic history.