Lund University Vice-chancellor: Minister doesn’t seem to understand

Academic freedom Mats Persson, the Minister for Education, does not seem to understand that academic freedom also applies to the boards of higher institutions, says Erik Renström, vice chancellor of Lund University, following a meeting between vice-chancellors and the Minister for Education.

Academic freedom in retreat in 22 countries

Academic freedom The 2023 Academic Freedom Index, AFI, gives an overview of academic freedom in 179 countries around the world. In around a tenth of these countries, academic freedom is regarded as stable, and Sweden is in that decile. The difference between the countries within this top decile is within the margin of error. All have an […]

New education minister promises change

Politics The new Minister for Education, Mats Persson of the Liberal Party, has announced that the new government will implement "major reforms" in higher education and research.

Ukrainian researchers on the run can continue their work in Sweden

International Since the outbreak of war in February, Ukrainian researchers have been forced to flee abroad in order to continue their work. Several higher education institutions in Sweden have welcomed them, in different ways and with different types of funding. How research – in Sweden, Ukraine and internationally – will be impacted by the war remains to be seen.

How the political parties want to govern higher education and research

Politics What investments do the political parties want to make in higher education and research? What do they wish to prioritise? Ahead of the parliamentary election this autumn, Universitetsläraren has examined the policies of the eight parliamentary parties and interviewed each party’s higher education spokesperson.

Signed petition for peace – got fired

Profiles Turkish university lecturer and researcher Onur Can Taştan signed a peace petition against fighting in south-eastern Turkey. Then he lost his job. With the help of SULF, he has come to Uppsala University and is studying trade unions in Sweden and Turkey.