Full courtroom for first ethical review trial

Ethics The first trial in which a researcher was prosecuted for violating the Ethical Review Act is over. The District Court's verdict will be announced on 30 June. The researcher tells Universitetsläraren that the prosecution is based on a misunderstanding and that an ethical review application was not required because it was not a research study.

Lund University Vice-chancellor: Minister doesn’t seem to understand

Academic freedom Mats Persson, the Minister for Education, does not seem to understand that academic freedom also applies to the boards of higher institutions, says Erik Renström, vice chancellor of Lund University, following a meeting between vice-chancellors and the Minister for Education.

The Migration Authority responds: Our assessments must be consistent

Careers The researcher Cansu Elmadagli may have to leave Sweden because she does not fulfil the Migration Agency's self-support requirements. According to Per Löwenberg, head of the migration law unit, unemployment benefits are not acceptable as a future means of support.

Lunds universitet

SAGE: Let employees speak at staff disciplinary board hearings

Conditions The union has reacted to the new policy at Lund University that means employees are no longer allowed to speak at staff disciplinary board hearings. However, the employers’ association’s advice is that employees should always be permitted to have their say.

“You can have diversity without gender equality”

Gender equality Manipulation of gender distribution statistics and problems in accepting research findings – some of the things Anna Grzelec found in her ethnographic study of gender equality at a university of technology.

She researches the chemicals found in our bodies

Research What effects does drinking PFAS-contaminated water have on people? And do people with tattoos have a higher risk of cancer? Christel Nielsen investigates how the chemicals in our environment affect our health. She got the dragon on her arm around the turn of the millennium.